Let Me Help you overcome your Sugar Addiction

     As a child were you rewarded with sweets or lollies? Were you offered dessert if you ate all your veggies? Now as an adult are you still rewarding yourself with sweet treats? Can you just have one square of a chocolate bar or do you have to eat the whole block? Is your sweet tooth becoming a problem, if so then now is the time to overcome your sugar addiction. Using hypnotherapy I can help you to lose or reduce your desire for sweet foods and drinks or chocolate.

     Hypnosis can help you take back control of the cravings whether they are physical or in the mind. With hypnosis we can talk directly to your subconscious mind and make suggestions for you to have healthier eating patterns and retrain your mind to want more nutritious foods.

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     Most people know now that eating sugar rich products is not ideal for a healthy lifestyle. The trouble is it is becoming harder to find healthy packaged foods that are actually healthy. As soon as you start to read the ingredients on the packaging you notice how many products have added sugar.


     To make it even more complicated is the fact that there are so many terms that added sugar is called. One article in Women's Health magazine mentions 56 names for added sugar. The top 10 alternative names for sugar are sucrose, evaporated cane juice, agave nectar, high fructose corn syrup, brown sugar, sugar syrup, fructose, glucose, molasses and organic brown rice syrup.


     Some of the foods people don’t realise have a lot of sugar are instant oatmeal, flavoured yogurt, muesli bars, breakfast cereals, energy drinks and packaged fruits. A lot of sauces too, such as tomato sauce and pasta sauces have a surprising amount of added sugar in them.


      One of the many benefits of reducing or removing sugar from your diet is that you could possibly lose weight.


      Hypnotherapy is tried and tested method that can help you to overcome your sugar addiction quickly and easily. Here at 2 Quit Today Hypnotherapy we have had some clients who have noticed the difference straight away and didn't require any further sessions, while others have required additional sessions. If your are ready to take back control of your life, click the button below and contact us to see how we at 2 Quit Today Hypnotherapy can help you!



"This is amazing!! My husband has had a major addiction to sugar for most of his life. I also have to add that he is also the most sceptical person I know, so for him to give this a try was a major deal. One week in & he has lost 2.5kgs & he hasn't struggled at all. He says he just simply doesn't crave sugar anymore, this coming from a man who had to eat chocolate & drink coke through the day & have an ice cream before bed every night! Truly amazing."


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