Can't Quit?

You and Your Loved Ones Deserve it!

Quit Smoking

Most people quit smoking in the one session!

We understand that being a smoking can be a

very expensive habit. Our Quit Cigarettes program is a quick and easy way to help you to become a non-smoker for life.

Because your reasons for smoking            cigarettes are different from other       peoples, we custom tailor the session to  you to address your specific needs so      you become a non smoker with ease

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How does it work?

 During the first half hour, we explain how the triggers work.

 We go through the reasons and excuses why you are still a smoker

 During the second half hour, we perform a full hypnotherapy               induction to assist you to quit smoking

 How long takes it take to book in?
Normally you don't have to wait longer than two weeks to book an appointment with us. With the price of cigarettes going up and the effect on your health,  you may want to book sooner rather than later.

How do the free follow-ups work?

If at any time in the future you feel the need to come back for a quit smoking hypnotherapy session there is no charge.

*Free follow up sessions are only for Quit                   Smoking HypnotherapyProgram

*Although typical results may vary, we expect that you will leave the first session as a non-smoker

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    Call - 1 300 278 488 to 
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       "I am glad I used the Quit Cigarettes in 60 minutes program because I am sick of breathing in poison, ruining my lungs and burning my money. I want to live a long healthy life and be free – not attached to a habit that causes stress. A smoker stresses about when they have their next smoke and if there is enough money for their next smoke. I wouldn’t want to start a family if I was smoking. I am now free!"



       "After the session I felt as though I hadn’t ever smoked, it was the immediate effect that was impressive!"



       "During the session, I was completely aware of things being said to me and completely relaxed. I’m feeling happier and healthier already. A positive experience all round."



       "I am now a non-smoker and will enjoy the benefits of living a longer and healthier life. I will get to experience the joy of watching my baby grandchildren grow into adulthood."



       "I’ve tried quitting many times but was never as sure as I am now. I feel liberated from smoking cigarettes. I can breathe deeply and enjoy clean air. Thank you Brett."